What happens after my photo shoot ? Photography follow up

  1. You now have work to build your portfolio !
  2. You now have work to design your composit card !
  3. You now have photos to present to your agency director!
  • The model owns the photo cd.
  • The photographer owns the rights to all photos.
  • You cannot print photos without a release form from the professional photographer.
  • Once you finish your pro photo shoot, and you receive your photo cd…set a photo review appointment with your agency director .
  • You will select your best photos, head shots, full body shots, action shots, life style shots, etc….
  • Once you picked your best photos, then set your appointment for printing with Haywood Watkins.
  • 8 x 10 photos are $20 each … it is important that you determine your budget when building your book.
  • A professional portfolio should include, up to 20 photos…head shots, full body, action, lifestyle, swimwear, professional, casual, elegant, advertorial, and contact sheets.
  • Your composit card design should have a look of class and success…. A smiling head shot on the fron and 3 to 4 lifestyle fashion looks on the back with your model stats and the agency that represents you.
  • A professional model shoots weekly, monthly or seasonally.
  • The purpose to keep your book fresh and up to date with your look and the latest fashions, always ready to meet the next client or the next agent.
  • Pro portfolio – the scubba book  ~  $75 m)   100 composit cards  ~  $175